Richard Lawton


“On the Reader’s Course we really value the contribution of someone who brings a really practical application to the development of voice and body language. Richard has been working with us since October 2012, and in that time has helped many of our barristers develop these essential skills in order to communicate effectively.”

Jacqueline Stone: Victorian Bar Assoc., Reader’s Course


“Richard managed to persuade a fairly sceptical group of participants to step out of their comfort zone, which increased their confidence levels. An unusual and valuable component was his providing each of them with insightful, individual, real-time feedback, which they were able to implement immediately.”
Laura Grant: Graduate Resourcing Consultant: Lander & Rogers


“You graphically reminded me of the value of giving the voice (your instrument) its full potential.”

Ian Gray, State Coroner


“He marries his passion and excitement with adynamic leadership style that people gladly follow. I’m delighted to recommend him.”

Tony Parsons,(former) CEO Victorian Legal Aid


“I particularly liked the work on stature… This really helped me soon after the course in dealing with some intimidating witnesses in a matter. I was able to adopt it and take control of the meeting.”

Shawanah Tasneem, Crown Prosecutor, Canberra




“These sessions allowed me to be more trusting and appreciative of my team, but more importantly, recognise my own skills capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.”

Professor D.H. Melbourne University


“Richard is a dynamic, inspiring and passionate teacher. People who work with him, and are taught by him, are very fortunate indeed.”

Professor P.S., Monash University




“In my line of work I get to attend many events and in doing so witness a huge array of speakers, Richard however, did something very special at that conference, something that I will carry with me forever. It was an incredibly uplifting, invigorating and enlivening experience for all who were lucky enough to share it.”

Gareth Sambrook, Head of Learning and Development, Victorian Civil and Admin Tribunal.


“Richard is an outstanding coach, I have experienced coaching before in my role as a CEO but never with such depth that supported my learning. Richard’s style is unique because he has such a rich skill set that combines his theatrical background with grounded coaching techniques – he has the ability to hold the moment so I was able to explore it from all angles. I was able to see and feel how and why I had handled situations ranging from dealing with Boards to managing staff. Working with Richard has been a fantastic experience and I heartily recommend him as coach.”

Wendy Sturgess,former CEO of Crisis Support Services


I found Richard very good at helping me work out the answers to my problems. The areas that were specifically very insightful and beneficial for me were:

  • Ease of communication style between us
  • Realisation of problems with specific difficult individuals and ways to deal with these
  • Voicework and Status during presentations and meetings
  • Elevator story regarding my career goals

Anna Barton,Manager Cloud Solutions Telstra


“Thank you so much for our most valuable session last week. In light of the various courses over the years I have attended no one has broken down the opportunities for improvement / process to undertake when presenting like you did.”

Nick Milat,National Category Manager Sugar Australia


“I found the coaching on voice, body language, and eye contact amazing…”

Anna Liebel, Telstra: Manager I.T Solutions


“Our symposium had 140 people from around the world. You were able to facilitate everyone…in creating something beautiful and in harmony, which was extremely powerful.”

Jeff Young, CEO: Bouverie Centre


“The Presentation Skills Coaching that I received from Richard Lawton was nothing less than transformational. He listened beyond my words to gain an understanding of my hurdles and connect with my inner critic.

“Richard created a safe environment where I could step out of my comfort zone and challenge my perceptions. The coaching process enabled me to discover my authentic inner voice and embrace my core strength that propelled me forward, exceeding my expectations.”

Suzi Finkelstein, Senior Facilitator and Consultant Workplace Training Advisory of Australia


Richard has a real skill to rapidly put people at their ease and bring out another aspect of their talent. I felt very relaxed and uplifted.

Robyn Charlwood, CEO Heart Foundation (Vic)


“The staff training in Communication that Richard did was inspiring and engaging and gave my team the confidence and attitude to break through barriers.

This would be a fantastic thing to do with the whole crew on set.”
David Bradbury, A.F.I. Award Winning Director


“If voice coaching be the food of life, play on … let me have excess of it.” Richards’s professional but relaxed style allows you to go places with your voice you never thought possible. You will enjoy rediscovering the voice that has been waiting to be released from inside you. The techniques and confidence I have gained have already had a significant impact on how I present myself both professionally and in my personal life, thank you Richard.”

Patrick Maguire,Chief Financial Officer: P. Z. Cussons Ltd.