3 Techniques of Charisma Training

It’s all about PRESENCE….Imagine watching two people in conversation; one of them keeps nodding their head, maybe adding an, ‘uh-huh,’ of agreement. The other person keeps their head pretty still. Your body language radar would tell you that the second person has the power. We all have that radar. We all tune in to it, […]

3 Ways to Raise Your Status at Work

Animals do it. They always know exactly where they stand in the pecking order. Humans do it, we’re just not so aware that we’re giving off subtle signals that either say, “this is my patch…” or “don’t bite, I’m harmless.” If you’ve learned how to take up space, whatever your gender, then you’re probably comfortable […]

Resilience and Mindfulness

Ever been stuck in traffic running late for an important meeting? Remember what signals the body was giving off? …Probably hardly noticed at the time because the mind was silently yelling about getting into the future.   In a fight/flight situation the body releases adrenalin and cortisol to speed up reactions and help wounds heal. […]

4 Quick Tips for Presentation

Tips on Presentation with Richard Lawton   Apparently when Paul Keating was asked to identify the secret of Barak Obama’s success he answered in one word – ‘poise’. The good news is, yes, that poise can be learned, maybe not to the extent of running for president, but there are certain techniques that can make […]

4 Tools for emotional intelligence

One of the most challenging situations in a workplace is dealing with highly charged emotions: an employee who is furious about a company decision, despairing over a mistake, or fearful about a workplace change. How we handle these situations can make or break a workplace.Disturbing emotions can have an enormous impact on an organisation and […]

Communication tips for Introverted/Extraverted Leaders

  At the outset let me point out the difference between Introversion and shyness. The latter is a tendency to fear being seen and heard, probably caused by unfortunate incidents that traumatised the shy person’s upbringing. Being an Introvert does not automatically include shyness; many Introverts have no trouble talking to perfect strangers, and paradoxically, […]

Women – how far have we come?

Never before have we, as women, been holding so much power to shape the future. Women outnumber men as graduates from Australian Universities, and recent studies are saying that more than 50% of women in Australia are now the primary breadwinners in their family. Have you heard the claims that “the largest growing economic force […]

Presentation Tips

Now this may be hard for your Inner Critic to accept but most audiences don’t want you to screw up. They are sitting there; trusting that you have a firm hand on the situation so they can relax and focus on the transfer of information.   On the other hand, I recently worked with a […]