4 Tools for emotional intelligence

One of the most challenging situations in a workplace is dealing with highly charged emotions: an employee who is furious about a company decision, despairing over a mistake, or fearful about a workplace change. How we handle these situations can make or break a workplace.Disturbing emotions can have an enormous impact on an organisation and on a person’s life, they are the basis of anxiety, depression, confusion and stress, which all feature largely in our lives today. As managers, we often fail to recognise their destructive potential and we don’t see the need to challenge them.By challenging them, I’m talking about looking within. Considering the outcomes that you want in any given situation, and taking the steps to get what you want, by not having your emotional climate rule the show.

This is where the 4 R’s can be such a valuable self-coaching tool:


Recognising your emotional state


Reflecting on the thoughts and behaviours behind the scenes
Taking Responsibility for your bit in the equation and for being clear about what you want, and
Re-arranging your mind-set, behaviours, tactical approach, etc. – to get what you want.


PuzzleRECOGNISE the emotions involved in a difficult situation.

REFLECT on the thoughts and behaviours involved.

RESPONSIBILITY for your own emotional state and corresponding behaviour.

RE-ARRANGE the situation to include the most favourable emotional outcome.


“When I’m asked to deliver workshops and presentations on emotional intelligence, we will often have a laugh about the fact that it’s not always perceived as a hot topic. Using the 4R’s in your reflective practice, coaching sessions and everyday life can turn that perception around.  And I know it works because I’ve used it myself for years. Give it a try, or contact me to see how it can work for you.”


Mary Ferguson

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