4 Quick Tips for Presentation

Tips on Presentation with Richard Lawton


Apparently when Paul Keating was asked to identify the secret of Barak Obama’s success he answered in one word – ‘poise’. The good news is, yes, that poise can be learned, maybe not to the extent of running for president, but there are certain techniques that can make a big difference to the influence we cast on the world around us.


Voice is a big part of creating a presence of poise. There are some simple techniques you can use to train your voice to increase depth, size and resonance, and therefore a sense of magnetism: a voice that people want to listen to.


You can also develop your awareness of high and low status body language and of how to ‘read’ people. This doesn’t mean that something has to be put on, in fact, what really works best is authenticity; letting yourself shine through. Often, a significant part of the retraining is about trust; in discovering that the place to start is with who you are right now, and that you have what it takes to come up with the goods.


Staying grounded under pressure is what it’s all about, so before and during a presentation, stand with your feet a little wider apart than usual, and create a strong pyramid shape what will eliminate nervous wandering.


Treat yourself to a session with a presentation coach. Don’t choose one who insists you sign up for a series; you can learn a huge amount in just one session.

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