3 Techniques of Charisma Training

It’s all about PRESENCE….Imagine watching two people in conversation; one of them keeps nodding their head, maybe adding an, ‘uh-huh,’ of agreement. The other person keeps their head pretty still. Your body language radar would tell you that the second person has the power. We all have that radar. We all tune in to it, and just like dogs and chooks and lions we’re alert in each situation to where we sit in high/low status pecking order, but for most people that’s not a conscious process.


1:- Take control of your body language.

If you’re a ‘nodder,’ here’s an antidote. Hold the picture of the person in front of you steady, as you would if you were holding a camera, filming them. Focus especially on keeping their eyes in sharp focus.


2:- Hold eye contact a little longer than you’re used to.

We’re not talking out-staring or hypnotizing here, just sending a signal that you’re focused and listening. Remember; low status people daren’t hold eye contact for long. Bill Clinton was famous for convincing people they were the most important person in the room right now. This will convey a similar message.


3:- Slow your heart rate down in high pressure situations

such as giving a presentation, or similar confronting situation. To find out how this works put one hand on your navel, prolong the in-breath and let it push the hand forward and outward, releasing the outbreath like a mini sigh of relief. To prove this one works, try doing the opposite- breath quickly in and out of the upper chest with no motion down around the navel, and you’ll soon tune into the breathing pattern and emotions of someone in panic. If you get the knack of breathing down into your centre/core/hara, you tune into the wisdom of a martial artist.


Yes, the good news is that charisma can be trained, and no, you’re not a ‘fake’ if you’re taking conscious control of your body language. Just as Mindfulness trains us to focus inward on the subtle physical sensations that bring us into being present, charisma training tunes into those sensations with an outward focus, to send out signals that increase our PRESENCE.


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Richard Lawton

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